Will it go away on its own?

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Allen asked 8 months ago

I’ve had a small bump since a couple days ago that is visible if I bend over and spread the cheeks. However today it seems noticeably less swollen. Does this mean it will go back to normal on its own and I won’t need any procedure to make it normal again? I read on a website that it may need to be pushed back in manually, but it doesn’t seem severe enough for that. I’ve been applying creams and ointments that seem to have helped.

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Allen,

Seems like what you’re experiencing is a grade one hemorrhoid which is great because they generally don’t stick around for long. At this point because it’s not completely gone look after what you eat and how long you’re on the toilet for. Make sure you eat a lot a fiber so that nothing will irritate the hemorrhoid further and will help it go away.

Also make sure that you’re not over exercising or are too stressed because the contributes to hemorrhoids. Continue to take it easy and even have some Epsom salt baths to help it completely disappear sooner.

Happy healing!