Not sure what type of haemorrhoids I have but it’s been 2 months!

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Stevie woodman asked 8 months ago


I think I’ve got haemorrhoids, there’s some pictures below (apologies in advance!)

It’s a lump that appears immediately after I sit on the toilet. It seems to disappear or go back in when I’m standing up for a while.

It’s quite soft and squishy – I can push it. It has a bit of firmness to it but it’s not rock solid.

It hurts a lot. Pretty much all day. Sitting on chairs at work is tough. Driving is tough.

It’s especially bad when going to the toilet. It nearly stops me going completely. I can barely pass gas.

Over the past two months, I’ve tried Anusol cream, Anusol ointment, Epsom Salt baths, drinking more water. I’m now onto Germoloids ointment which has lidocaine in it.

I’ve been to the doctor and when he did a rectal exam, he said he couldn’t feel anything. But he basically said there’s not much he can do. Just wait for them to go!

It’s been two months now and it’s really impacting my movement and quality of life.

I don’t know what to do! I don’t even know if it’s internal or external!

Is it just a waiting game? Will they go eventually?

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey Stevie,

I think the photos have been removed on Imgshare so I couldn’t see the pictures but I have an idea from what you wrote. It sounds like you have internal hemorrhoids that are popping out and becoming external. You are doing all the right things to help it pass. I completely understand your frustration with the irritation that comes from sitting (whether at work or in the car) and also when it pops out while passing a stool.

Because it has been occurring for a while and it seems like the creams aren’t helping/ or are only maintaining from getting too bad not getting rid of it, I’d suggest you ask a doctor for hemorrhoid steroid cream. Germoloid cream works best on external hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids that are grade one. The lidocaine is a numbing agent so that’ll help with not feeling the pain but wont solve the cause of the pain. Hemorrhoid creams with steroids (a lot less scary than it sounds, it’s hydrocortisone) works by slowing down the overactivity in the immune system that is causing the inflammation of hemorrhoids, and therefore shrinks it.

If you don’t notice a difference in a couple of days (shouldn’t take to long to start taking effect), definitely ask for a referral for a colorectal doctor/surgeon from you regular doctor. The regular doctor that you saw is not trained in the specifics of colorectal matters. I’ve been to my specialist butt doctors when I have had a similar situation as you but at the exact moment that I saw him no hemorrhoid was popping out. When he examined me he could still feel the area of irritation and where the hemorrhoid would pop out when it did. You haven’t had hemorrhoids for too long but they have definitely been stubborn and stuck around and if creams/ diet/ lifestyle change hasn’t helped then he may suggest banding which is not painful and definitely helps with grade 2 hemorrhoids and getting rid of them. The doctor might not even suggest surgery! But best to get a professional eye on the matter because your health comes first 🙂

It’s also worth asking yourself what may have caused them to start with so that it doesn’t occur again. Do you have a lot of stress, unhealthy diet, sit for too long, strain when you exercise etc?

Hopes this helps