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Mike86 asked 8 months ago

Why does having hemorrhoids effect mental health so much? It seems like no one really talks about it

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey Mike,

I think that hemorrhoids have a correlation with mental health because it’s a topic that can be pretty hard to talk about. Even though everyone has a bottom when it comes to health issues surrounding that area, it can feel taboo to talk about and therefore can be isolating if you can’t discuss what is causing you pain.

The odd thing is 1 in 20 people will experience hemorrhoids at some point of there life, which is a lot of people! If there is a shift towards societies perception of hemorrhoids and it being a bit of a stigma, it will hopefully become more of a common issue that can be expressed.

That’s why a created this website so hopefully this feels like a community where you can talk about what’s going on with open minded people. This is a great start for helping mental health that’s associated with hemorrhoids but another helpful thing which I’ve found especially great is therapy. I go every once in a while and it can be super helpful to get things off your chest to an unbiased person.