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admin Staff asked 8 months ago

(Asked on another site that I answered)

How do you deal with the impact hemorrhoids have on your social (and mental) life? I have some for years and it has reached the point where they have a huge impact on my social life. This is mentally very exhausting. I need/tend to avoid lots of situations I used to love, like dancing, sport (badminton/running),… I even need to "count" how much I can go outside seeing friends. If I don’t do so, I’m back to bed for days.

Does anyone have a similar story? How do you manage this? Any tips? Or reasons to believe it is possible to come back from the other side of the mirror, and have a normal life?


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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

(My answer on the site)

Your story is really similar to mine with the social aspects and needing to be careful with how long I’m out, what I do when I’m out etc. I really, really miss going out and dancing :'(

I don’t like telling people about my condition but I have in the past year opened up to my closest group of friends about it so that it gives me less stress if i have to cancel, leave early etc and that’s really helped.

I also see a therapist to chat about the implications of hemorrhoids on my life (has effected career, social life, family time, romantic life, etc) and that helps a bit. I used to love power walking but even that flares me up so I’ve shifted to swimming because there is no pressure on you butt to cause hemorrhoids so maybe that would help you too?

I think the most helpful thing is knowing you’re not alone and having a support system. As kind and caring as my friends, partner and family have been they don’t feel and really understand on a peer level what I’m going through so I come to reddit and have also made my own site to have a sense of community who are experiencing similar things.