How long does it usually last?

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DJ asked 8 months ago

I’ve had me hemroids for a long time and it comes and it goes, how long does it usually last before it goes away for you? Has there always been blood in the stool? as mine happens sometimes and I’m a little worried..

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi there,

I used to have grade 2-3 hemorrhoids every single day for 2 years basically. That’s recently changed due to pelvic floor physio therapy which has helped me with my hypertonic pelvic floor. I’d say that I have had a grade 1 flare up twice in the past 4 months which is an amazing change!

Stool wise I generally didn’t have bloody in my stools even when the hemorrhoids we very bad, maybe like 30% of the time. If that’s happening most times for you I’d suggest checking it out with the doctor just to make sure you’re on the right track for healing.