Can you share some of your Pelvic Floor Physio exercises?

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Dave C. asked 8 months ago

Hi there,

Very interested in the concept you mention in Treatments regarding rectal muscle groups, and how they can relate to internal hemorrhoids.

If you could share some pointers on the types of exercises that have helped you, that would be great!

Thank you.

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Dave,
I have found the pelvic floor exercises have been very helpful but only if I am consistent. I started to notice the effects of it about two weeks in.
My routine is:
Please excuse the lack of knowledge I have for yoga pose names. Corresponding pictures are attached
-Froggy pose for 30 seconds
-Leg cross pose on right for 30 seconds
-Leg cross pose on left for 30 seconds
Repeat above for 3 sets
-Stand and reach pose for 20 seconds
-Bend to feet pose for 20 seconds
-Kneeling lunge for 20 seconds
-Stand and reach pose for 20 seconds
-Bend to feet pose for 20 seconds
-Side warrior pose for 20 seconds
-Stand and reach pose for 20 seconds
-Bend to feet pose for 20 seconds
-Ground leg wrap on right for 20 seconds
-Ground leg wrap on left for 20 seconds
And then I go into child\’s pose for 15 minutes with 2 pillows under my chest and 1 pillow that is under my butt and above my legs. In this position I relax my butt as much as I can and really focus on it being relaxed. I usually use the neurotrac simplex device whilst doing this that measures my muscle movement and if I am actually relaxing. Before I was introduced to the neurotac I thought I was able to relax my bottom but when I started to use it I realised the area actually wasn\’t completely relaxed and I had to try to focus more. I do this child\’s pose twice a day and usually use the neurotrac one of the times.
The forum layout only allows me to inclued the images of the poses as attachments so you can view it there.
Hope this helps or let me know if you’d like anything clarified!

DaveC replied 8 months ago

Thank you for the detailed response Andy, very useful indeed.

So are your prolapsing internal ‘roids now completely healed? Or do you still get the occasional… pop-out?
And was this achieved primarily by these forms of pelvic floor exercises?
I myself have grade-3 prolapsing internal ‘roids from a lifetime of poor toilet habits, and I’m just weighing up whether surgery is required or if it can be managed with conservative treatments.
I’m already well on the way with an exceptionally healthy diet, exercise, very careful post-bowel movement wiping, and a daily Prep-H suppository. So far things have improved a bit, but I’m not back to “normal” by any means, and I really don’t like the idea of a hemorrhoidectomy!
Any further insight welcomed…. 🙂
Thanks again,

admin Staff replied 8 months ago

Yeah, I completely understand! A hemorrhoidectomy is never a light decision to make. Have you tried any other surgeries first, like rubber band ligation or a laser hemorrhoidoplasty procedure? I haven’t tried the latter because it’s not available in my country.

The pelvic floor exercises in addition to me taking 1 months off of work to heal really helped. I physically couldn’t handle work until my body started to catch onto the physio so I took that time off, goodbye savings! The combination of these two really helped with the healing and now I’ve gotten to a point when I’ve learnt the signs of when my body is becoming stressed and will tense up therefore causing a hemorrhoid. Luckily, in the past few months I’ve only had two minor flare ups that lasted a couple of days and were a grade 1.

I’m very fortunate to have found a way that works with my body but the #1 thing for me is maintenance. Even though I’ve only recently had two small flare ups, I’ve probably had about 8 close calls. By close calls I mean I get a tingle sensations that is uncomfortable and slightly painful where I know if I proceed to do the thing that is causing my body to tense for 10 minutes or longer I’ll probably get a hemorrhoid.

I will state that the exercises for yoga that I provided will only help you hemorrhoids if you have a hypertonic pelvic floor. There are hemorrhoid specific yoga poses on youtube for if you don’t have that!

It sounds like you’re right on track with changing lifestyle habits to help support your body during this process. This will help with strengthening your body now and also with healing afterwards if you do go ahead with surgery.

I know this is a long answer so I’ll wrap this up soon but I will ask one thing, do you have a lot of stress in your life? I’ve had 3 colorectal doctors over the past 8-9 years and they’ve all been concerned about the amount of stress in my life being related to my bottom. One doctor even urged me for years to quit my job because he thought it was related to my bottom. I was reluctant to and asked him if any of his other patients noticed their hemorrhoids get better after they changed from their stressful jobs. He said all of the completely improved. Because I love my work and took years to become finally established in the industry I ignored him and went on working my 10hr days, 5 days a week. Eventually my body became so bad due to the stress that I took those 6 months off. Only then when I had the chance to breathe did I realise that, that was a big cause of hemorrhoids for me. And that effects anybody with hemorrhoids, with or without a hypertonic pelvic floor. This might not be the case for you but it’s worth reflecting on.


DaveC replied 8 months ago

Hi Andy,
No I haven’t tried any form of surgery yet. Rubber band litigation may not be suitable for my grade-3’s (according to my doc), but laser hemorrhoidoplasty sounds interesting – I’ll look into it. I’ve yet to see a specialised colorectal doctor yet, but that might be the next stage if I can’t keep them under control.

Thanks for sharing your experience and what works for you. I totally know what you mean by “close calls” – the tingly or pulsing feeling that something is moving out of place. Usually if I can lie down and completely relax the worst can be averted, for that moment of the day anyway!

And yes – interesting three of your doctors have mentioned Stress. There has indeed been plenty of that in my life, and it could be one of the big culprits. I’ve actually fallen victim to another health issue over the last 18 months that may well be stress-induced too – an inflammatory spinal condition called Spondyloarthritis.
Needless to say, I shall focus on keeping my mind and body calm and hope things can naturally re-balance to a place that is at least tolerable.

Appreciate the support Andy.

admin Staff replied 8 months ago

Definitely give stress release a try in addition to the other things you’re doing. Even if it doesn’t directly effect your health issues it can still only have a positive effect on your well being. It can also be found in random ways outside of meditation, yoga etc. Sometimes when I get very stressed my partner takes me to their work warehouse at night time when it’s empty and I shout at the top of my lungs. May sound odd but very therapeutic!

All the best for healing in 2020 and Hemorrhoid Support will be here if you ever want to check in 🙂