Hemorrhoid Support Online

Welcome to the hemorrhoid support online group. This is a place you can feel safe and secure to share your experiences, and for you to not feel alone whilst experiencing hemorrhoids/piles and other anorectal issues.

My name is Andy and since the age of 15 I have struggled with hemorrhoids. I’m 24 now and in the past few years my condition has become severe and chronic. After countless medical procedures and surgeries having failed, I have found myself looking for a support community of people who have experience similar things. Up until this point I haven’t found many places on the internet for hemorrhoid support so have decided to create my own. This site will explore different hemorroids stages and types, an array of procedures, medicine and lifestyle that can help, my own personal experience, advice, and a chat and question forum. All the information on this website is just advice and experience. You should check with your medical professional to see what is right for you.

Hope this helps and ALL are welcome!

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Can you share some of your Pelvic Floor Physio exercises?
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